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​​​​LAWS - Lansing Area Women's Soccer League

This is the Lansing Area Women's Soccer League. To view more about the league visit - LAWS League Site

Assignor  -

Andrew Hoard (Beginning Summer 2017)


Assigning Program - Game Officials

Summer Referee Fees

Single - $28 (25 minute halves no offside)​

Spring & Fall Referee Fees

Open and 30+ (11v11): $40/$40 (40 minute halves)

38+ 7v7 (8v8 field) : $40/$40​ (40 minute halves)


LAWS GLASRA 2015 Guidelines (11v11 7v7).pdf

FITNESS TRACKERS: Allowed under soft yielding cover such as a wrist band or if entirely soft and yielding as manufactured.

Check-in Procedures

CHECK-IN: LAWS wants all players checked in per league requirements! Photo ID is required for all names on Game Sheet without printed picture. If listed on Game Sheet, but cannot provide photo ID, make a note on the back, have player sign, and allow participation.

INJURIES: On the back of the Game Sheet, note Injuries for which player does not return to play.  Please also make sure to submit an Incident Report in Game Officials.

RECORD SCORES: There were several game sheets with no scores last year. This is problematic for the league. Record the Score!

SAMPLE GAME SHEET  Familiarize yourself with the Game Sheet before arriving at the field. Complete correcty before and after match. Return to the winning team or home team in case of a tie.