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​​​Referee Training and Certification


GLASRA does not certify referees. This is done by the state in which one resides. All Michigan USSF class registrations are done through The Michigan Referee Committee website or by changing identity in GO​ and clicking on your official account in Registration & Learnging Group 1303.

High School Certification


MHSAA badge pic.jpg To become a high school referee, it is recommended that you be a Grade 8 referee with several years of experience as a USSF referee. High school assignments require that officials be willing to travel to assignments up to 40 miles from their home.

Additionally, preference will be given to officials that are a Grade 7 USSF referee or higher. Most top divisions and post-season assignments are reserved for state, national, or collegiate officials.

Certification Steps

  1. Register at Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). A late fee is assessed for failing to re-register before July.
  2. Pay GLASRA dues
  3. Contact the high school assignor by email at: 


MHSAA sends a reminder each year. Pay attention to deadlines to avoid late fees. 

​Mentor Program

The GLASRA Mentor Program is designed to provide-

  • Observation Reports
  • Mentor Advice
  • Tournament Academies

GLASRA Mentors are those Grade 7 or higher who have been asked to observe GLASRA referees and provide Feedback Reports to the individuals in the crew.

How It Works

GLASRA Mentors review local assignments and decide which games to observe. They may also be asked by an assignor to observe a specific official. Once at the game, they introduce themselves to the crew and let coaches know that they will be mentoring the crew that day. They take notes and meet at half-time to discuss potential changes or offer compliments. Following the game, they provide more instruction and a copy of the report to the center referee as well as the assignor.

Please do not be nervous if a Mentor shows up at your game. Mentors are very positive. They are  there to help you improve as well as make sure that your assignor knows the appropriate level of games for your skill level, goals, and comfort.

This is one of the best methods for us to find those who desire or show potential for higher level games.

Tournament Academies

We plan to offer two academies per year - one each during spring and fall seasons. We like to work with the Capital City Cup (spring) and Capital Area Classic (fall).​


Participation is either by invitation or your request.  If you would like to receive training through this method, please contact our ​Evaluation, Mentoring & Observation board member, John Douglas​.

Entry Level Certification

When starting out as a USSF refe​ree, one begins by taking an Entry Level, Grade 9, class. This can begin as early as age 12.

  1. Visit the  Michigan Referee Committee website to find Entry Level/Grade 9 classes. Classes are generally offered annually each winter and summer. ENTRY LEVEL INSTRUCTIONS​

  2. Register for a class which fits your schedule

  3. Pay your GLASRA dues.

  4. Contact the CASL Assignor, Bob Ianni, to let him know that you are interested in games. You will be added to his assigning list.


Bridging refers to Grade 9 referees becoming a Grade 8. Generally, one must be 14 years old and have completed at least one full season as a Grade 9 official.

Please refer to the US Soccer document for specific requirements: 

2016 Bridge to 8.pdf

Visit the Michigan Referee Committee website to find Bridge Course​.​ Classes are generally offered annualy​ each winter and summer.


Annual Recertification is required. All class registration goes through The Michigan Referee Committee website to find the appropriate class.

  • Register for the appropriate class which fits your schedule.
  • Pay your GLASRA dues.

Upgradi​​ng refers to advancing from your current grade to a higher grade. The USSF Grading system begins at 9 and goes to 1 which is the highest.

The choice to upgrade is a personal decision. GLASRA members may offer advice as to whether you are ready to take the next step, but it is best to ask a Mentor or specifically an Assessor for a Developmental/Guidance Evaluation to determine strengths and weaknesses.

The Upgrade application process starts early in the year. Please visit The Michigan Referee Committee website   for requirements.

This is a year long process which when completed, changes one's grade in the following year. If you apply for upgrade, make sure to contact Dena Conine the Regional Premier Assignor to receive appropriate assignments.

2016 Upgrade Requirements

Please refer to the below documents or The Michigan Referee Committee website for details.

2016 Upgrade to 7.pdf

2017 Upgrade to 6 Requirements2017 Upgrade to 6 Application

Upgrade Assessment Subsidy

To encourage our members to strive for higher levels of accomplishment, GLASRA will reimburse referees up to $60 for the cost of successful upgrade assessments (upgrades to Grades 6 and above).  Below is a link to the PDF form for use in documenting assessments and successful completion of the upgrade process. 

GLASRA Upgrade to 6 Assesment Reimbursement Request Updates




Michigan Class Listings

If you cannot make any of the local classes, you may attend any other class in the state of Michigan. Other classes can be found at this LINK​.

​USSF Bridge to Grade 8 Class

​Bridging to Grade 8 (from Grade 9), means you want more challenging matches.

There are few classes remaining for this summer. If you miss them during the summer. Many will be offered during the winter generally starting in January.

Check out the list at Michigan Referee Committee's Game Officials Schedule.

USSF Entry Level

Referee Classes

We look for new referees every year.  We would like to specifically encourage adults (even parents alog with their children) to consider becoming a soccer referee.  For those of you who are younger, please consider encouraging your parents to become referees.  It is a great time to engage the whole family together!  We generally have two local classes scheduled each winter and one each summer. Be sure to check out the Michigan Refere page to find confirmed class dates. Many are added approximately 1-2 months prior to the class date.

You can attend any class in the state of Michigan. LINK​

2017 GLASRA Dues

Calendar-year dues are due in order to receive priority in obtaining assignments from GLASRA in the 2017 calendar year. 

We highly encourage you to pay your dues via PayPal online payment option which accepts all major credit cards​!  We will have a board member at our local recertification clinics to collect dues in cash or check form, however, you may send your dues to our PO Box:  GLASRA, PO Box 15186, Lansing, MI 48901.  Checks are to be made out to GLASRA.  Payment can be made by PayPal at the following site:   


This option also accept credit card payments.  Please note the referee for whom the membership applies.

Dues per referee:

If you only referee US Soccer matches, your dues are $15.00.

If you only referee MHSAA matches, your dues are $25.00.

If you referee both US Soccer and MHSAA matches, your dues are $25.00.

No individual referee will be charged more than $25.00.​