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​​Mentor Program

The GLASRA Mentor Program is designed to provide-

  • Observation Reports
  • Mentor Advice
  • Tournament Academies

GLASRA Mentors are those Grade 7 or higher who have been asked to observe GLASRA referees and provide Feedback Reports to the individuals in the crew.

How It Works

GLASRA Mentors review local assignments and decide which games to observe. They may also be asked by an assignor to observe a specific official. Once at the game, they introduce themselves to the crew and let coaches know that they will be mentoring the crew that day. They take notes and meet at half-time to discuss potential changes or offer compliments. Following the game, they provide more instruction and a copy of the report to the center referee as well as the assignor.

Please do not be nervous if a Mentor shows up at your game. Mentors are very positive. They are  there to help you improve as well as make sure that your assignor knows the appropriate level of games for your skill level, goals, and comfort.

This is one of the best methods for us to find those who desire or show potential for higher level games.

Tournament Academies

We plan to offer two academies per year - one each during spring and fall seasons. We like to work with the Capital City Cup (spring) and Capital Area Classic (fall).


Participation is either by invitation or your request.  If you would like to receive training through this method, please contact our Evaluation, Mentoring, & Observation board member, John Douglas.